Saturday, December 1, 2012

How I won the NCL 2012 Championship

National Cyber League 2012

Before the NCL 2012 championships, I was ranked 6th nationally and 3rd in the midwest conference. I ended up winning the NCL championships with 12,00 points or 9/25 flags. This is a write up of the challenge that won the competition for me.

Web Exploitation - Target 3

We're presented with the following page. This is the best screen shot I have of the original page. The only files that existed originally are flag_01.php, index.php, and put.php. 

After some tinkering, I discovered I could upload files to the server using the HTTP PUT method. I kept uploading blank files such as roar.html and LOLNCL.html. I didn't understand how I could upload a php file with the data I specify. Earlier on, I analyzed all of the requests and responses with a tool called Burp Suite. I realized I could simply append my code to the raw HTTP request. I sent a GET request for put.php to Repeater within Burp Suite and added my code to the end of the request. The php code I added is a system command to list all the files and permissions.

I browse to and see the same files as we saw in index.php. From here, I changed the php code to a php web shell called b374k shell.

Flag 1

I view the contents of flag_01 and find the first flag for Web Exploitation - Target 3.

Flag 3

I browsed to the /home directory. There was a user called ubuntu. I browsed to /home/ubuntu/ and looked at the files. The third flag was sitting in a file plaintext.

cat flag_03.txt

Flag 4 and 5

I browse to the root (/) directory and find flag_04.txt.asc, flag_04.txt.pgp, flag_05.tgz.asc, flag05_tgz.gpg, pub.key, and gpg.key. I downloaded all of these files to my desktop which runs Arch Linux 64 bit.

// import the public key
gpg --import ~/Downloads/pub.key 
// import the private key
gpg --allow-secret-key-import --import ~/Downloads/gpg.key 
// decrypt the file
gpg -d ~/Downloads/flag_04.txt.asc > flag_04.txt
// view the flag
cat flag_04.txt
// decrypt the file 
gpg -d ~/Downloads/flag_05.tgz.asc > flag_05.tgz
// decompress the file
tar zxvf flag_05.tgz 
// view the flag
cat flag_05.txt

That's how I won the NCL 2012 Championship. I was surprised more people didn't solve this challenge since all I really had to do was upload a web shell, look at files, download files, and decrypt them.


  1. I'm still not really sure how you uploaded the php shell. Did you get a chance to cat put.php?

    1. I used the HTTP Put Method which allowed an unrestricted file upload. Yes, I looked at all of the files created by the NCL staff once I accessed the web shell.

      Some links for you:

    2. Hello Chris, any idea on how to strengthen myself on CTF? It is my biggest challenge now.

  2. Should probably mention that the "tinkering" you did was someone else giving away the answer - everything else in that screenshot was done by another user.

    1. That was the only screen shot I took of that page during the competition. That was a few hours into it as well. At this point, I already had a hidden web shell called .pwn.php. No one gave the answer away except the NCL staff. Having a file called put.php made it easy enough to figure out what was needed to solve the challenge. However, someone did run Nikto on the web server which created some files if that's what you're referring to; if someone gave the answer away, why didn't anyone else solve the challenge?

  3. Very nicely done. Just downloaded a copy of that b374k shell, and I have to say that I like it! Very nice tool

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